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Kids First! Preschool/Kindergarten Director

The Casper's have been serving together in youth ministry for about 15 years. Emily started as an administrative assistant to the children's pastor at Crossroads in Freeport, IL. At that time, the children's ministry was transitioning from a Sunday school format into a children's worship experience in preschool and elementary. Emily's gifting is in teaching and administration. She thrives on order and loves to organize. Her personality type is structured fun, meaning she likes to have fun as long as there's a purpose and boundaries. She strives to look for team members who can bring that element of fun because sometimes she is too serious. Emily's calling is helping people, kids or otherwise, discover their God- given purpose through helping them identify their core values as well as their spiritual gifts and connecting those to their life experiences. Brian, Emily, Kendell and Clayton serve together in ministry. Family togetherness is important to them and is a main focus in God's call on their life.