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George Bernard Shaw said, “You see things, and you say “Why?” But I dream things that never were, and I say “Why not?”. What kind of world would we live in if every person lived a why not lifestyle pushing the limits and never being satisfied with mediocrity? At Student Life, each student will be pushed and provoked to live a life of character and integrity while pursuing the dreams God has for your life.


Sunday Mornings (6-8th Grade)

Sunday mornings are a great time for middle school students to encounter God and to connect with other middle school students at JFA! This service is @ 10:30 am every Sunday during our second worship experience in the Student Center.

Sunday Evenings (6-12th Grade)

Sunday evenings are geared for high school students. We meet every Sunday evening from 5-7 pm in the Student Center for dynamic worship, practical messages & small groups for students.


Momentum Youth Convention is coming up! Click the image below to register.